Mobilebase Handheld


DSIC's another empowered business unit is branded under the name "Mobilebase." In the early stage the purpose was to provide turnkey solution to clients without facing limit, as working with wrong manufacturer can cause various difficulties within project phase.

After 7 years of manufacturing business, Mobilebase is founded to be quality assured vendor that can be trusted over the time. Now Mobilebase kicks off exporting business towards global market where customers still seek for reliable and flexible industrial hardware.

DSIC Mobilebase product history
Rugged Architecture
Mobilebase doesn't sell "possibility." It's quite common that manufacturers advertise what they ideally wants to achieve, but B2B  customers shall not be the one who will prove it. "Seeing is Believing" is the phrase that has been heard the most but hasn't been witnessed as much. Mobilebase has completely satisfied customers throughout the years of business, and more to come. Mobilebase rugged architecture
Manufacturing Environment
Mobilebase's production capacity is generally 30,000 units per month. If two months of anticipation can be allowed, up to 100,000 units per month can be arranged without a problem. Manufacturing-Facility Republic of Korea simply is the country of IT resources and manufacturing infrastructure. Quality is just a question of vendor conduct / responsibility matter, but basically anything can be possible if planned right. DSIC-Manufacturing-Facility

Mobilebase production contains high-capacity warehouse that carefully stores electronic parts and finished goods. Climate controlled vault keeps PCB and temperature-sensitive parts under strict supervision. warehouse_sector1  
Mobilebase's production is fully certified with regulation of safety and all associated requirements. Not just qualified production standard, Mobilebase takes device quality beyond general customer experience. production_certification_all  
  • ISO 9001 / 14001
  • IQNet Management System
  • E1
  • CE
  • CCC

Quality Control
When vendor hits capacity limitation, quality assurance process is the point of challenge. Average Asian manufacturers end up taking random 40%-50% sampling inspection for their QA stage. Such approach generally gives safe number in failure rate, but definitely it's not the criteria for Mobilebase. Quality is the symbol of Mobilebase's and such belief takes organization to resource concentration where 100% full sampling inspection comes to play. mobilebase_full_sampling_inspection