DSIC System Integration

Mobile Solutions

Sales Force Automation

By using mobile device and mobile radio communication network will provide not only sales but also taking a order, account management, checking information of product, making a payment, and etc. This system will support field force workers to work in better condition and it will occur the great satisfaction from your customers.


Warehouse / Inventory Management System

Inbound/outbound orders, stock management, and location data can be managed by always connected industrial PDA and it will decrease the warehousing time, also allow you to keep track of your accurate inventories. It will give accurate match between inventories and data processing information to support you can make a rational plan of manufacturing, material, strategic purchase.

wms_inventory management

Location Based Service

Provide real-time tracking system to find out the current location and situation of vehicle, field force worker, low altitude aircraft and any other moving mobile. And it will enable you to report and command through the wireless internet.


Transportation Mangement System

Support you to analyze the result of transportation, delivery vehicle intervals, balance of transportation cost, and performance accumulation. Through the TMS system, you can make a delivery vehicle plan and establish the rational delivery system to improve the quality of logistic service.


DTG System

Receive the navigational information through the DTG system and analyze this information to Provide you with a safe and an eco-driving environment. Furthermore, by decreasing a fuel and maintenance fee to strength your vehicle management efficiency.


Financial Solutions

Optimized software design, development and maintenance integrated with up-to-date financial technology for finance institutions of banking, insurance credit cards, S&L, etc.

 Asset Management System

Enables a finance company to efficiently manage their domestic and foreign securities based on IFRS.


Securities Consignment System

Enables a trustee company of investment trust to efficiently process the custody of investment securities, the settlement of securities transaction, principal interest, dividend, compliance, etc.


Asset & Liability System

Offers management of asset and liability through analysis of various risks (interest, market price, credit, etc.) and simulation of feasible scenarios, along with early warning of risks.


Performance Analysis System

Offers evaluation of fund operation


SI Business


We have been carrying out the latest security solutions such as Network firewall, Web application firewall, Database access control, system access control, and detecting zombie PC for public institutions and private enterprise.



Providing various types of backup solutions for increasing enterprise-level big data. And we guarantee stable backup of data through TAPE, VTL, Backup Software like comprehensive backup solutions.



Support our partners to maintain and manage the enormous information efficiently by storing the total business information in one system through ERP, KMS, and CRM.DSIC storage server

Network Consulting / Establishment

Carrying out customized Network Consulting services to guarantee stability, availability, expandability, and security, with vast experience and expertise in the field of integrated network establishment. DSIC performs customer-oriented network consulting services from planning and designing network infrastructure, to making development directions and master plan.

Provide various products and solutions to establish integrated network infrastructure for enterprises, public institutions, and national defense units. DSIC has been performing a variety of network building business with its differentiated technical skills in wire-wireless broadband network, network separation and related solution, and electronic conference and voting.


System / Network Maintenance

Operate an exclusive helpdesk to accept trouble reports, and expert engineers are always ready to take an immediate action for the trouble. We support specialized maintenance services, such as prompt troubleshooting, standardized inspection service, and network optimization through periodic investigation and analysis.