Mobilebase DS5W-AX Android Review

14 September 2015
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14 September 2015, Comments Comments Off on Mobilebase DS5W-AX Android Review

DS5W-AX: Purpose-built Android

Touchscreen’s field limitation was under the question throughout several years now. No matter how robust the handheld is, data manipulation is a whole different work category. Using stylus is simply an option for those who are savvy with it. Not every worker can use their both hands in the middle of their operation, even if they can do, efficiency will be the next question depends on the work environment.

What their supervisor wants, is fast job turnaround and seamless report stored in their database. Thus, all possible scanners and readers were ported on industrial devices and operating systems had to evolve with it along with associated drivers.

What I’m about to introduce, is a mobile computing hardware that overcame most of the current field users’ limitation. This one looks very interesting in terms of performance, durability and customizing features. If you are the staff working for IT sourcing team, this could be safe choice for the company. Of course, you will do all tests before anything.

When keypad is integrated with Android device in one-solid-body, the feature can expands everywhere, especially when user doesn’t need to worry about any environmental issues. DS5W-AX is the one fulfills the most. Originally Intermec had very good idea on this, and they were the first company that released the unit – CN51 Android.

However, there were a few major issues. Firstly, expensive. Secondly, there were some technical problems. Lastly, CN51 could not look ahead of what’s coming – the fast market stream of enterprise Android. As proving Intermec’s reputation, CN51 truly built like a hammer and ran like tank. The downside is that enterprise customers’ taste became far more dynamic and CN51 wasn’t penetrating the market fast enough. Now, most of customers are requesting for Android OS version of 4.2 at the minimum and nothing less, whereas CN51 supports only up to 4.1 Jelly Bean (Not a huge difference, but multi-user login is only available from 4.2).

This specific type of units are very essential in transport and logistics. Also, non-traditional warehouse market is now looking into their new integration under javascript basis. After witnessing this market, DSIC Mobilebase committed to develop the hardware that supports all.



DS5W-AX Specification

Optional Features

DS5W-AX Features

Default Accessories

  • MicroUSB cable for charging and PC Sync
  • AC/DC Adapter
  • Screen Protection Film
  • Hand Strap

Optional Accessories

  • Desktop Cradle : Power, MicroUSB(OTG), RS-232, Ethernet (via OTG Adaptor)
  • Vehicle Cradle (T.B.D)
  • 4 Slot Cradle (T.B.D)
  • Shock Resistance Bumper

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