DAISHIN Mobilebase 's device architecture provides modular flexibility for user's optimal request. As typical manufacturers increases their configuration type, Mobilebase offers "À la carte" device customization. Having such foundation, Mobilebase already attracted many end-users who deals with cost efficiency for their deployment.

DSIC Mobilebase RFID/UHF
provides the most competitive RFID and UHF technologies to the market. Both 13.56MHz HF and 860MHz to 960MHz UHF frequency ranges are available. Our UHF technologies supports ISO 18000-6C(EPCC1G2) protocol that empowers long distance tag reading. The technology is built for asset management, healthcare, parking management, transportation and security solutions.

Ruggedized Construction Beyond Common Expectation
DSIC Mobilebase's industrial pioneer engineering successfully constructed fully ruggedized PDA mechanism. Certification-proven shock specification is assured in the field, and goes beyond. Non-exaggerated durability is the promise from Mobilebase. Try and experience the most sophisticated environmental protection.

Barcode-Camera-UHF Combination
DSIC Mobilebase offers the most sophisticated UHF functionality without losing camera feature. Mobilebase's engineering is specialized in RFID and antenna construction where no others can match. Users can just point and shoot both scanning and camera without tilting the device.