Service and Maintenance

Mobilebase repair_maintenance


Reliable Service Program

Users expect reliability on Mobilebase products for their business.
Thus Mobilebase provides a choice of service center coverage for support, timely repair and maintenance with Service from the Start.
Mobilebase’s flexible service programs are designed to fit your business needs, providing coverage for normal wear and tear, fast repair turnaround and telephone support with defined response time.

Complete Service Option

With Service from the Start, you select the comprehensive warranty that works best for you.
Comprehensive warranty offers in-house turnaround time that covers normal wear and tear and all materials, parts and labor. Comprehensive warranty provides multi-year seamless repair coverage at a discounted price.

Service Demand Anticipated

Purchase service at the same time you purchase your Mobilebase Industrial Mobility hardware for maintenance support right from the start. Automatic activation provides stress-free device status so that when you need service, we’re ready.

Web-based Repair Request Submission

It’s very easy to initiate repair. User can log on to our online RMA (Return Material Authorization) system to place their necessary request. Users are on their way once received In-24-hours response with shipping documents. Mobilebase technicians fluently repair your equipment to manufacturing specifications.


We track our own performance and your satisfaction : on each and every request of service

Mobilebase’s service function is never static. Every day Mobilebase strive to understand where and how we can serve customers better. Mobilebase’s technology executes an performance evaluation on every event to every end user and every agent, providing visibility of service quality. Mobilebase acknowledge the fact that such supervision dramatically affects technical capabilities and overall customer experience. The full matrix of data set forms the foundation for Mobilebase’s continuous improvement. In addition, our support specialists continually update their skills, averaging between 100-180 hours of training annually per person on industrial mobility products and emerging hardware technologies for both our products and third-party products.
Also Mobilebase’s annual and daily transactional surveys keep all staff’s heart on the frequency of your satisfaction level.

Mainstream class of expertise

Manufacturing vendor is the source of all knowledge on the product. When customers choose Mobilebase for service needs, customer gets access to the highest level of product knowledge available. In fact, the locations of Mobilebase service centers were chosen to enable integration between Mobilebase’s service and engineering organizations. As consequence, service technicians have easy access to our product engineers to help resolve difficult issues. And our engineering organization can easily depict service trends that expose product issues that can be resolved at the manufacturing level.

All the right actions for the most efficient repair and maintenance

The criticalness of repair turnaround time relies on parts availability. To preserve standard repair times, the management of parts procurement and parts inventory for all global service centers is included inside of the service function. Mobilebase’s streamlined ordering process reduces ordering lead times and improves predictability of supply. The result customers will witness : Parts availability at the right time and the right place for customers’ repair.


Coverage Standard Comprehensive
Manufacturer defects only  ● 
10-day turnaround time (A)  ● 
3-day turnaround time (A)  ● 
Reliable turnaround time at a fixed cost  ● 
Covers normal wear and use  ● 
Includes all materials, parts and labor  ● 
3-year service coverage (C)  ● 
Multi-year discount  ● 
Telephone support with defined response time  ● 

(A) – Turnaround time is Mobilebase in-house repair time and does not include time in transit.

(B) – Customer-supplied spares may be required; contact your local Mobilebase partner for program details.

(C) – Selected scanners carry 5 years of service coverage

Comprehensive Warranty must be purchased within 30 days of the product purchase.

Complete program details are available from your local Mobilebase partner.